Babywearing in Winter

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Not only becomes driving your car in winter difficult. Also strollers are hard to handle when snow and ice cover the sidewalk. That is when you might realise that babywearing is a good and save alternative to pushing a pram.

Actually, wearing your baby under your jacket is the best way to ensure that your little one stays warm and cosy despite low temperatures (that is also what the “german red cross“, a humanitarian accociation officially recommends here). Without the bulk of thick clothing between you both, you can share body heat very effectively. In particular young babies can not yet control their body temperature well, since they still are used to the constant warmth level in the womb. When close to you, your baby is actively warmed, not only well isolated as in a stroller or some other container, covered with thick blankets. If you are close to him, you can easily feel if your baby is still comfortable.

You do not have to dress her in serveral layers of warm clothing. Just put on the clothes you would choose at home and wear an adequately warm coat to cover you both.

You can still close your jacket? Lucky you ­čÖé You might also wear your partner┬┤s oversized coat – not really flattering in most cases.

If your coats can not be closed anymore you might as well use a babywearing cover. The cover is put over your baby and is attached with strings and clasps. Your own jacket stays open, so it can get chilly for you. Putting on the cover and your own jacket also takes some time.

The other alternative is to wear your baby over your (winter) jacket in a thick all-in-one suit. However, using this technique your child can not profit from your body heat. Plus you will have to adjust your baby carrier to the thick layers of clothing (and adjust back again after). Using a wrap in particular is difficult when you have to deal with the bulk and often slippery fabric of winter clothes.

jacket extension for babywearingKumja the jacket extender is a quick and easy alternative. You put on your own coat with the zip-in expansion panel attached to it as usual. You and your baby are cosy and warm, you practically become one. When you get inside you can quickly put off your coat without having to get off clothing layers of your baby and get her outside the carrier for doing that.

Another option is to purchase a special babywearing jacket. Usually it provides the opportunity for back carry too. Most parents start wearing their baby on the back around the first year. However, most of the babywearing coats are not really made for low, sub zero temperatures. To us, most babywearing coats seemed suitable for the transitional season, which makes sense in economical respects. Depending on the country you live in, you might need a really warm coat only for a short period of time. That is why these special garments aim to be used oder a longer time range of the year. But might simply be too cold for winter.

Apart from that there really are nice and functional babywearing jackets that are specifically designed for that purpose. It makes sense to get one of these if you really carry your baby a lot or think about getting more than one kid.

However, back carry is also possible with the jacket extension: see “Kumja HuckePack” for details.

Aside from the jacket issue,  your baby should definitely wear a hat because most of the body heat is passed over the head which is big in relation to the body. A warm pair of socks and warm shoes make sense too, because the feet get cold quickly and are not in close contact to your body.

To sum up, it is an individual decision which solution of the coat problem works best for you ­čÖé

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