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model changes (from may 2014)

veröffentlicht von Kerstin am 28. October 2015

We used a red zipper for the jacket extender in the past. However, it turned out to be a little too weak, as it broke occasionally. Heavy loads are put on jackets during pregnancy and with a baby in a

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Comparison of different coat extender brands

veröffentlicht von Kerstin am 6. October 2015

Or: what is the difference between Kumja and other coat extenders? compatability: If you look for a jacket extender system to use your own coats for maternity and babywearing, you may want to use it for different jackets. Maybe even

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Babywearing in Winter

veröffentlicht von Kerstin am 23. August 2014

Not only becomes driving your car in winter difficult. Also strollers are hard to handle when snow and ice cover the sidewalk. That is when you might realise that babywearing is a good and save alternative to pushing a pram.

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