Comparison of different coat extender brands

veröffentlicht von Kerstin am 6. October 2015

Or: what is the difference between Kumja and other coat extenders?

  1. compatability: If you look for a jacket extender system to use your own coats for maternity and babywearing, you may want to use it for different jackets. Maybe even with all of your and your partner´s coats. Our adapter system is continuously improved so we can provide zip adapters for the vast majority of zipper types and brands. Other brands focus on YKK zippers here because these can easily be connected. In contrast, our aim is to provide solutions for all types of zippers, may it be YKK or not. Thus, with a Kumja panel you have maximum freedom to choose the jacket you want to wear.
  2. design: there are no zips visible on a Kumja extender. The zipper technology is hidden behind additional, detachable “side bars”. These can also be replaced with special designs to give an individual touch.
  3. warmth: we use highest quality insulation material from 3M (Thinsulate Platinum). Insulation tests showed that the panel keeps warmth like polar clothing (german info). If you add the optional rain cover, you will get the warmest extender possible.
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