model changes (from may 2014)

veröffentlicht von Kerstin am 28. October 2015

We used a red zipper for the jacket extender in the past. However, it turned out to be a little too weak, as it broke occasionally. Heavy loads are put on jackets during pregnancy and with a baby in a carrier.

Since may 2014 we changed to a stronger zipper and to make it obvious we changed the color to green.

When you place an order with Kumja products, we aks you if you have any item with a red zipper. If you want to combine products with red and green zippers (e.g. order a new zip adapter for an older Kumja model), you will need the red/green adapter.

RG Adapter Einsteckkarte lang V2-Seite001

The red/green adapter adds some centimeters, as you can see below.


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